Once a Junior  School teacher asked her students to bring some potatoes in a plastic bag to school

Each potato will be given a name of the person whom that child hates.

Like this, the number of potatoes will be equal to the number of persons they hate.

On a decided day the children brought their potatoes well addressed.

Some had two, some had three and some had even five potatoes.

The teacher said they have to carry these potatoes with them everywhere they go for a week.

As the days passed the children started to complain about the spoiled smell that started coming from these potatoes.

Also some students who had many potatoes complained that it was very heavy to carry them all around.

The children got rid of this assignment after a week, when it got over.

The teacher asked, “How did you feel in this one week?”

The children discussed their problems about the smell and weight.

Then the teacher said, This situation is very similar to what you carry in your heart when you don’t like some people.

This hatred makes your heart unhealthy and you carry that hatred in your heart everywhere you go.

If you can not bear the smell of spoiled potatoes for a week,

Imagine the impact of this hatred that you carry through out your life, on your heart?”






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Self Motivation

Your motivation is what makes you act the way do. It is thedriving force behind your actions.  If you have strong motivation you will undertake tasks and overcome difficulties
that another person, with weak motivation , may not even attempt you will have perseverance to continue in the face of difficulties that will defeat weakerpersons and you will achieve success where others thought it impossible.

Make no mistake about the strength of your personal motivation has an enormous effect upon the whole of your life . the chances arethat you already have strong motivation – but are you full aware of it ? . Do you know what it is ?. If you don’t , you must discover it. You must analyze yourself to find your own driving force, you must ask yourself  WHY you do the things you do? . Why, for instance do you want to improve your earning? . What made you take the blog posting in the first place?.

What you are trying to achieve in your life? . Why do you want to be successful?.

You must ask yourself these questions – and continue asking these questions – until you are quite satisfied what you are fully aware of your motivation.

We know that most of persons will say  “My motivation is to earn more money “ However, we also know that in the majority of cases this is not realmotivation.

Earning more money is only a step along the way to achieving your real goals. Admittedly , it may be a very important step but more money  in itself  is not usually the underlying
motivation . If you analyze your motives deeply enough you will soon realize this for yourself.

For some persons , the realmotivation will be a desire for the good things in life. For others it will be for security and their family to give their children a better start in life.
Others will be drive by a fear of the fraud or scam . For some it will be pride , while other need prestige and respect of those around them. Whatever , it is in your case, discover it for yourself. It will help you to develop those characteristics of perseverance , enthusiasm and self-discipline that everysuccessful person must possess.

In short , your motivation will help you to be successful, because you know exactly what you are working for.

In addition to your motivation , there are certain other personal characteristics that are important . These are concerned with leadership qualities . We have just mentioned a few of them above :

1.. Broad Mindedness       2..Enthusiasm       3.. Concentration     4.. Initiative    5.. Perseverance    6.. Self-Discipline

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How to End a Short Term Relationship

How to End a Short Term Relationship

Have you just started a new relationship and you are already questioning it ? Here are the few steps you need to follow if you already want to get out of this new relationship Sometimes you start a relationship and you start wondering how you ever got here in the first place. Obviously if you have started dating someone, there must have been reasons for you to get involved : a certain physical attraction, nice moments you spent with this person, and then a kiss, which defines the moment you started a relationship. But here you are, a few days or even weeks into this new relationship and you don’t feel comfortable in it. You’ve already reached the point where you’re trying to figure out how to get out of it while not hurting your new partner too much. First thing first : try to make sure you do not want to pursue the relationship. No point in telling your partner you don’t feel like going on if you’re going to come back begging a few days later. So give yourself a little bit of time to be sure of your feeling. Have you had an argument and are you mad at him/her ? Sometimes people can surprise you and you discover things about them you wouldn’t have imagined in the first place. Are those differences incompatible with the way you picture a happy relationship ? If they are, then yes, there is no reason in getting more involved. If these bad feelings have a specific reason, maybe it would be good to talk about it to your partner. But more importantly just trust your feeling because this is the easiest clue to your new relationship’s future. If you haven’t been together long and you’re already bored, less attracted, even annoyed, or if you’ve realized this is more about friendship than possible love, don’t lure yourself into thinking “you can make it work”. You won’t overcome your first feelings. Trust yourself. How to end a short-term relationship ? Well the same way you would end any relationship. Be honest and straight-forward. Don’t give false excuses but just tell the truth. Il may not be easy because you may fear that your partner won’t understand your reasons (after all you don’t know him that well) ; but all this is not about rational reasons. It is only about the way you feel. And if you feel there is no chance in this relationship don’t apologize for it. You can’t make your feelings go away just by listening to apparently sound reasons. Wa have all at some point, left someone who tried to talk us out of it by pointing out the efforts he/she was going to make to adapt to what we wanted. But if someone has to change in the first place so that a relationship could work out, it is definitely a huge sign that you are not meant for each-other. So stand your ground. It’s the best you can do for this person, even if he/she can’t see it right now. And it’s certainly the best you can do for yourself. The last step : and of course as with any relationship, even if you haven’t been together a long time, don’t think you can go back to a normal friendship straight away. It IS probably the biggest lie we like to tell ourselves to appease the pain that breaking up implies. But give yourselves some time apart to learn how to be together again in a non-sentimental way. If the relationship was short it won’t take as long as it might have with a longer one. Tips One thing ending a short-term relationship can bring you is to analyze the reasons why you chose to start a relationship with this particular person in the first place. Analyse the circumstances and why you obviously made a mistake because this will give you some indications about what not to do in the future.

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Imagine What Is A Friendship

 Many people’s Understanding of friendship and relationship is rather thin, I express my view of friendship in my current experience of friendship and relationship. But might the measure of my experience doesn’t match the experience of other people’s friendship.

What is Friendship? What is the meaning of this relationship?. More have often sought answers to these questions, yet more have never come up with an adequate answer. This is because this relationship is an amalgamation of beautiful and complex feelings, which may not often be described in words. Defining a relationship is never easy, as there are so many facets to it. However we don’t need a bunch of words to make us realize the deep meaning of friendship.

 Searching for the meaning of friendship has always been a bumming question. However as soon as we meet our friends all these questions get answered automatically. The answer to what is the meaning of friendship lies within our hearts, because true friendship can only be felt , and not expressed. Something so pure and essential is not always visible the heart, to the eye, but is felt by.

“Friendship is the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weight thoughts nor measure words.”

This heartwarming expression captures the essence of friendship. When two people share a strong bond of mutual understanding, respect and love it lays the foundation stone for an everlasting friendship. This bond just gets stronger with time: the trust between the two people grows.

The beauty of the relationship and is the essential meaning of friendship. Being friends means there for each other all times, whether it’s good or bad. A friend needs to be very understanding and give each other the benefit of the doubt. Ideally the meaning of friendship is sharing unconditional love for each other. The purpose and meaning of friendship is to make life’s burdens lighter for our friends and not make them heavier. The roman thinker Cicero said ” Friendship makes prosperity brighter, while it lightens adversity by sharing its grieves and anxieties.”

Friendship between the young is thought to be grounded on pleasure, because the lives of the young are regulated by their feelings, and their chief interest is in their own pleasure and the opportunity of the moment. With advancing years, however, their tasts change too, so that they are quick to make a break friendships; because their effecting changes just as the things them do and this sort of pleasure changes rapidly. Also the young are apt to fall in love, for erotic friendship is for the most part swayed by the feelings and based on pleasure. That is why they fall in and out of friendship quickly, changing theit attitude often within the same day. But the young do like to spend the day and live together, because that is how they realize the object of their friendship.

Only the friendship of those who are good, and similar in their goodness, is perfect. For these people each alike wish good for the other qua good, and they are good in themselves. And it is those who desire the good of their friends for the friends’ sake that are most truly friends, because each loves the other for what he is, and not for any incidental quality. Accordingly the friendship of such men lasts so long as they remain good; and goodness is an enduring quality. Also each party is good both absolutely and for his friend, since the good are both good absolutely and useful to each other. Similarly they please one another too; for the good are pleasing both absolutely and to each other, because everyone is pleased with his own conduct and conduct that resembles it, and the conduct of good men is the same or similar.

Friendship of this kind is permanent, reasonably enough; because in it are united all the attributes that friends ought to possess. For all friendship has as its object something good or pleasant- either absolutely or relatively to the person who feels the affection – and is based on some similarity between the parties. But in this friendship all the qualities that we have mentioned belong to the friends themselves; because in it their is similarity , etc; and what is absolutely good is also absolutely pleasant; and these are the most lovable qualities. Therefore it is between good men that both love friendship are chiefly found. 

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Failure is the first step to success

Failure is the one of the most remembering movement in our life . Without failure nobody can success in life. Making goal is not essay. But we can make very easy. By hard work. When you reach your goal it would be a empty.

Abraham Lincoln is remembered for his vital role as the leader in preserving the Union during the Civil War and beginning the process that led to the end of slavery in theUnited States. He is also remembered for his character, his speeches and letters, and as a man of very humble origins whose determination and perseverance led him to the nation’s highest office.

If you feel that failure is a negative event, adjust your attitude and you will see any failure as simply one necessary step that will eventually lead to success. People tend to rise to the level of their own expectations a self-fulfilling prophecy that determines, in a lot of ways, how much you get out of life. If you think your failure is the end of the line, then it is

Try to understand that failing at something is an event it’s not you. It doesn’t define you as a loser for the rest of your life, again, unless you let it. Failure is something that happens to you it isn’t who you are. You’re not a victim of failure. So when it happens, (as you know it will from time to time), then just pick yourself up and get ready for the next event in your life.

Many people have a serious misconception when it comes to “failure” because they put negative labels on people they deem to have failed. It’s important to understand that any time we fail at something, whether it’s large or small, we are one step closer to success. Nothing ends in failure, if you don’t let it, and your attitude is what will lead you into turning failure into success……. 

Success is a wonderful thing. We all relish our achievements and we all look forward to the rewards that come with success. But what happens when you’ve been giving it your all, and you’re not seeing any progress. You’ve reached the point where you’ve developed a twitch from constantly looking over your shoulder as you wait for that steamroller to catch up to you and run you into the ground.

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5 Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts


That Will Keep Readers Interested
Content creation is an art and comes with experience. One of the most important keys to blogging success is providing exceptional content. Follow the following 5 tips to make sure you have your viewers coming back for more.

1. Have a Catchy Title

The headline of your post makes immediate impact on the reader.  The information that the headline gives will let them decide whether to continue or skip reading your post.

2. Know who you are writing for

Before you start writing blog posts, determine who your primary audiences will be and then provide them with good tips, tricks and resources from your post.

3. Be Honest. Be YOU

Write what you feel is right – People respect sincere opinions.  The most successful blogs are written by people who are passionate about their subject matter.

4. Write Less

Give the maximum amount of information with the least amount of words. Write your blog posts in short paragraphs to provide visual relief from a text heavy page.  Use bullet lists or numbered lists call attention to important points, and ensure that readers who are skimming will catch the most vital part of your post.

5.  Edit Your Post
Good writing is in the editing. Before you hit the submit button, re-read your post and cut out the “stuff” that you don’t need. Once you draft your post, read through it for redundancies, irrelevant anecdotes or anything that isn’t vital.

A bonus tip: use images in your post. This will help the reader to imagine and understand what you’re talking about. You can also use the image as your thumbnail image if you share your link on social media sites. The most vital thing for a new blogger to remember is to keep writing! If you write with passion and conviction, you will connect with other people, and your writing will improve with every post.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. After you read this, you should delete and write your own post, with a new title above. Or hit Add New on the left (of the admin dashboard) to start a fresh post.

Here are some suggestions for your first post.

  1. You can find new ideas for what to blog about by reading the Daily Post.
  2. Add PressThis to your browser. It creates a new blog post for you about any interesting  page you read on the web.
  3. Make some changes to this page, and then hit preview on the right. You can alway preview any post or edit you before you share it to the world.
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